Line, Artillery & Cavalry Training map

October 2014
Fairly large training map, containing the required facilities for training the majority of units in Napoleonic Wars. It features a groupfighting area, which doubles as the spawn; a firing range, which can be used by all companies; a promotions area, also usable by all companies; an area for intensive melee training; an artillery range including training for siege, and target practice, as well as featuring a large expanse of land for formation training for all companies, containing dummies mimicking a linebattle. In addition to all this, the map features a `paint ball` area, designed to practice shooting as well as for fun for the regiment or clan's members.

"I requested a nice map for the 3 detachments in my Regiment: line cav and arty. I asked for a big map that would contain all of this, and Bastion Maps created a nice one, the price was not very expensive and it did not take too longto be made. We enjoyed the map a lot, mainly the paint ball area. I would recommend Zebaad as a good map maker if you ever need a map."