Line Training map

September 2015
A large Training map for line regiments. This map contains a detailed detailed spawn location within a fortress; a large expanse of area around the fortress for formation training, shooting at the dummies arrayed in line formations; also containing a river going across the entire map; a firing range; assault course, and an intensive melee area. In addition to this, the map contains a groupfighting area, and a promotions area. Outside of the fort, ladders are around the fort enabling siege practice.

"I formed a regiment and needed a well layed out and well designed map covering all the bases for both Line and future companies I made. The map I received upon payment came within days to a higher standard than i expected. It had very well setup melee and shooting areas, a nice picturesque promotions area with a few nice additions. The spawn area was a very well made and relaxing park and just increased the feel of the map. Overall the service was great, the speed of the creation to that standard was superb and its a map i still use months on. I've not found any maps at a higher standard and speed than this and the friendly support just adds to the quality."