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Our Specialities

We at Bastion Maps work hard to produce maps of both sophistication and aesthetics as well as maps to function according to their intended use. Over the years we have developed a keen eye for bugs with the props, ground shaping and colouring. As a result we can say that 99% of the time we will have fixed all errors or bugs with our products. Meaning our services provide plug and play scenes. In addition, because we are a team of mapmakers, we can fully outfit a server in a matter of weeks.

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Line Battle maps

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A little about us

We are a team of mapmakers from across the globe, working to ensure that you, as a customer, receive the best possible maps and scenes available. We have worked hard to ensure that there is sufficient maps available at the click of a button, for all your Regiment's and Clan's needs. If you are looking for a fast a quick solution to linebattle maps, groupfighting maps, etc. we have tried to ensure that you will not walk away without finding what you were after.

"When starting out with server hosting with Mount & Blade, I was shocked with all the quality and how fast it was done of all maps made by Zebaad and any of his team. It's really the best quality I have ever seen and it was done within like a week or two. Any big projects would maybe take more but no more than expected. These guys are like robots on steroids. If you plan on getting maps from these guys, you've got a good find. They've made Iron Europe maps, Napoleonic Wars maps and native maps for me and all of them have been amazing."

Past Projects