Adding a map to a Mount and Blade Warband Server

13 June 2019Made by Zebaad

This is a Tutorial on how to add a custom map to a server for Mount and Blade Warband. This process will require the following programs*:

*If your host offers ftp access within your browser, the process remains the same, but you won't require FileZilla, or Notepad++.

Video Synopsis:

Transfer .sco file into SceneOBJ folder, making sure to rename it after an existing vanilla map (with the exception of Napoleonic Wars maps, where custom maps are enabled, so scn_mp_custom_map_1.sco works), then navigate back to the module folder, such as Napoleonic Wars, right click on the file scenes.txt and click view/edit, then replace the module code for the scene you downloaded, with the map code corresponding to the vanilla map you replaced. Finally, restart the server.

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